University Of Swaziland distance learning

University Of Swaziland distance learning

The Institute of Distance Education was established specifically to provide educational and training opportunities for individuals who had been unable to undertake conventional and professional university programmes and courses. Distance education targets you if you are:

  • in full-time employment  and can not not attend classes on a full time basis.
  • self-employed and also can not not attend University on a full time basis.
  • unemployed and need further education and training to get employment and/or to improve your life; and
  • a post high school graduate who wish to enrol  at the University but because of the shortage of places on the full time programmes, you could not be admitted.

Programmes Offered in University Of Swaziland IDE

Undergraduate Higher Certificate and Postgraduate Certificate

IDE is a UNISWA’s Institude of Distance Education and studying with us can be both challenging and rewarding. It is important that you know what it takes to be a distance learning student.


Undergraduate Diploma Certificates

The Institude of Distance Education provides equal opportunities for all students and specialised assistance to students all throughout the administrative and study processes.


Undergraduate Degree Programmes

We pride ourselves on our service to the national market. Students can live on any region in the country.  We’re an open distance learning institution after all.