University Of Swaziland library

University Of Swaziland library

The Mission of UNISWA Library is to provide efficient service and access to quality academic information resources to support the instructional, Learning, Research and Administrative functions of the University.
Print Resources:  A total of more than 225, 500 monographs and a current subscription to 325 print journals with back issues for more than 600 titles.
Electronic Resources:  A growing collection of databases with 24 Subscribed and gift electronic journal databases covering all the subjects areas covered at the University.

Library Regulations

Membership Rules Borrowing Penalties

The following Library Regulations have been approved for the benefit of Library users, and are enforced by the University’s disciplinary authorities.


  • All registered students of the University and members of staff are automatically  members of the library.
  • Any person who is engaged in research or other academic work may be admitted as  an external member of the library upon approval of his/her application by the Librarian and after payment of the appropriate fee (Currently E500 per annum).
  • Other institutions may also apply to become members of the University Library. For this purpose the institution must name a contact person. The fee for institutional membership is currently E1000 per annum.
  • Accredited visiting university members shall be treated as University Staff or University Students as the case may be.

Use of the Library

  • Only registered members of the Library are entitled to the facilities of the Library. Such registered members are required to abide by the rules and regulations governing the use of the Library. The Librarian reserves the right to refuse admission of a non-member to the Library.

Library Visits

  • Requests to visit the Library should be communicated to the Librarian well in advance.

Library Rules

  • Talking and noise in the Library is strictly prohibited, except on designated areas as may be identified from time to time by the Librarian.
  • Library users found making noise in the Library building shall be asked to leave the Library forthwith.
  • Smoking and eating are not permitted in the Library.
  • Bags, briefcases, raincoats, and umbrellas shall not be taken into the Library, but should be left at the foyer. Such belongings shall be left at the owner’s risk.
  • Study tables must not be “booked” by leaving personal possessions on them. Randomly, such personal possessions are liable for removal by the Library Staff.
  • Desks and furniture must not be moved without the permission of the Librarian.
  • No Library book shall be taken out of the Library without first being presented at the Circulation Desk.
  • Books, other than library books being returned, should not normally be taken into the Library.
  • Readers must leave the Library building promptly at closing time.
  • Books/Journals must be left on the tables where they were used. They should not be returned to the shelves.
  • Library materials must not be marked, defaced, or mutilated.
  • Borrowers shall not, by private arrangement, pass on books to others.
  • Notices may not be displayed in the Library without the approval of the Librarian.
  • The Library Security Guard at the Exit will insist that a reader shows all his/her books on leaving the library as a precaution against unauthorized removal of library materials.

Procedures for Borrowing Materials

Book Issues

  • Library books shall be issued to a prospective borrower upon presentation of the University/Library Identity Card.
  • Number of items to be borrowed and the loan period are categorised as follows:
    Category No. of Items Loan Period
    Full-time students 6 14 days
    Part-time students 4 14 days
    Post-Graduate Students 6 30 days
    Full-time academic Staff 10 1 semester
    Part-time academic Staff 4 30 days
    Non-academic Staff 10 14 days
    External members 4 14 days
    Institutional members 25 30 days
  • Books may be renewed once only provided they are not required by other persons.
  • Books already out on loan to another borrower may be reserved.
  • Journals, reference and special collection materials shall not be removed from the Library except with the express permission of the Librarian.
  • Library materials are issued up to 22.55 hours Monday to Friday, 16:55 hrs on Saturdays  and 21:55 hrs on Sundays.
  • The Librarian may call for the return of a book at any time.

Library Offenses and Penalties

Failure to return borrowed material on date due

  • Material borrowed from the Library become overdue after the borrowing period prescribed in these regulations has expired. The onus is on the borrower to return the material on the date due.
  • A penalty will be imposed for books not returned on the expiry date.
  • A borrower who fails to return a borrowed item after two reminders addressed to him/her (at the address given), will be summoned to return that item by a stated date, failing which the item will be considered lost. In this case conditions under “Loss of borrowed material” will apply.

Failure to return material on recall by the Librarian

  • The Librarian may recall Library material at any time by notice to the borrower. If the borrower fails to return recalled material within 3 days after issue of such notice, a fine as determined from time to time by the Librarian will be charged.

Loss of borrowed material

  • Any person who loses Library material or equipment shall pay the full cost of replacing the item plus processing charges to be determined by the Librarian from time to time.

Unlawful acquisition of Library material and equipment

  • Any person who removes Library material or equipment from the Library without following the procedures set forth in these regulations shall pay a fine to be determined by the Librarian for each item unlawfully acquired.
  • In addition, such persons may lose Library privileges for a given period or be rusticated from the University, or be dismissed from the University or be subject to any other appropriate action as decided by the Disciplinary Committee of Senate. Pending the decision of the Disciplinary Committee of Senate the member’s right to the use of the Library shall be suspended.

Disfigurement and Mutilation of Library material and equipment

  • Any person who marks, disfigures or mutilates Library equipment or material shall pay the full cost of replacement, plus a fine to be determined by the Librarian from time to time.
  • In addition, such persons may be subject to an additional fine, loss of Library priviledges, rustication or any other appropriate action as decided by the Disciplinary Committee of Senate. Pending the decision of the Disciplinary Committee of Senate, Library services to the offender shall be suspended.

Other Penalties

  • A borrower shall be held liable and subject to the penalties outlined above for any loss or damage in respect of any material or equipment issued to him in his name.


  • If a student fails to pay any fines, or other charges, the Librarian will not sign his/her clearance forms at the end of the academic year.


  • If a staff member fails to pay fines or other charges, the Librarian may notify the concerned staff member and have such fines and charges deducted from his/her salary by the Office of the Bursar.

Overdue Charges

Staff members E1.00 per day per item for first 14 days and E2.00 per item thereafter
Students 0.50 per day per item for first 14 days and E1.00 per item thereafter
External Borrowers E2.00 per day per item
Reserved Books E1.00 per hour per item

Membership Fees

External membership E500.00 per annum
Institutional membership E1000.00 per annum
Consultants and Law firms E1500.00 per annum



  • Cost of replacement plus 25% of cost book/material

Mutilation Charges

  • Cost of replacement plus 35% of cost book/material

Recalled Material

  • Recalled material will accumulate a fine of 50cents per day on week after the date of recall

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