Upright Fridge Prices in Zimbabwe

Upright fridges are the size of a typical top or bottom mount fridge, but their space is entirely devoted to refrigeration, with no freezer.

Upright Fridge Prices in Zimbabwe

How much is an upright fridge in Zimbabwe?

Size and Capacity

Household size (number of people)Fridge capacity/volume (litres)Price range
1 – 2 people200 – 380 litres$380 – $900
3 – 4 people350 – 530 litres$699 – $4799
5+ people440+ litres$1079 – $5499

How much is the gas fridge in Zimbabwe?

BRAND NEW GAS FRIDGES/FREEZERS FOR SALE: 180 litres freezer @ $500; 215 litres freezer @ $550; 250 litres freezer @ $600; 260 litres chiller and freezer @ $600.00 (ON SPECIAL OFFER). All fridges run on gas and electricity. 210 litres fridge 12/24 volts(battery/solar operated) @ $750.00 and only available on order.

What is the cost of the smallest fridge?

List of 10 Best Mini Refrigerators in India

10 Best Mini RefrigeratorsCapacityAmazon Price
AmazonBasics 44 L Mini Refrigerator44 LRs 7,990
LG 45 L Mini Refrigerator45 LRs 11,730
Kelvinator 95 L Mini Refrigerator95 LRs 10,599
Midea 45 L Mini Refrigerator45 LRs 7,890

What is the price of the Western vertical freezer?

Top Selling Western Price List

Latest ModelsPriceDiscount
Western 910L Vertical Single Door Freezer, SRC1005-GL₹88,99923% off
500 L Western Chest Freezer WHF525H, Top Open Door, Temperature Range: -17 Degreec To -22 Degrees₹34,4991% off
Western 103L Convertible Unit Single Door Deep Freezers, NWHD125H₹18,5995% off