Vape Pen Prices in Zimbabwe

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While you may be thinking of a nicotine device, a ‘vape pen’ can be defined as a handheld device consisting of a battery attached to a cartridge filled with cannabis concentrate. Vape pens vaporize rather than burn cannabis, resulting in vapour instead of smoke.

Vape Pen Prices in Zimbabwe

How much is a real vape?

A standard dual-battery mod will cost anywhere between $30 and $90, and a sub-ohm tank will generally cost around $30-50. Buying these in a kit will shave the price a bit, bringing it to between $40-100. There are, of course, more expensive options, but in most cases, these can be considered hobbyist items.

How much is a vape in a bottle?

Depending on the type and quality, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $50 for a bottle of e-liquid. Prices, however, vary depending on the type of e-juice, as higher-quality juices with more ingredients usually cost more.

How much does a single-use vape pen cost?

How Much Does a Disposable Vape Cost? (2023 Price Chart)

Most of these products come with an average price range of $25 to $40. On the other hand, some first-class, technically improved devices cost $80 to $150. It can be pretty expensive for a disposable vape lasting several days.

How long does a vape last?

As a rule of thumb, a disposable vape with 2 ml e-liquid can last for 400 to 500 puffs, while those with 12 ml e-liquid can last for around 5000 puffs. According to the Vaping Vibe website, 20 cigarettes are equivalent to 400 puffs of vape.