Violin Prices in Zimbabwe

A Violin is a stringed musical instrument with four strings that is usually held against the shoulder under the chin and played with a bow.

Violin Prices in Zimbabwe

How much does a violin cost?

How Much Does a Violin Cost? - Overview of Violin Prices ...

$1,000-2,000 while a good violin for a professional violinist may cost anything between $5,000 and $50,000. Of course, you can always buy a more expensive violin as an investment, even if you’re a beginner.

What is the starting rate of the violin?


Best Violins for BeginnersAmazon PricesSize
JAUREZ Lengo Violin Kit Spruce TopRs. 4409Full Size 4/4
Kendence Vivaldi Violin Viv1010 Spruce TopRs. 7699Medium
Senator 1400 A2 Student ViolinRs. 13,900Full Size 4/4
The Violin Store Stradivarius ViolinRs. 15,500Full Size 4/4

How much is the cheapest violin?

There are plenty of beginner violin price options in the range of $150 – $300. However, I wouldn’t consider purchasing a violin in this price range. Instead, renting a violin is the most economical solution until you can afford to spend at least $650 – $850.

What is the cheapest price of a violin?

How much does a Violin cost? Beginner Violins generally start at a price range of Rs. 3500 and may go up to Rs. 50,000.