william pitcher college Department Of Practical Arts

william pitcher college Department Of Practical Arts

The Practical Arts Department is composed of three subject sections, namely; Art and Craft, Music and Physical Education.

Each subject section has a minimum of three lecturers including a senior lecturer. Protocol dictates that the lecturers report to the senior lecturer who in turn reports to the Head of Department.


The department is committed to educating the student through;

  • The acquisition of knowledge pertaining to concepts of appreciation, creativity and performance.
  • Promoting all aspects of skills contributing to the students’ quality of life now and in the future.
  • Providing a disciplined environment that enables the students to mature in mind, body and spirit.



Content covered in these subject sections comprises the following;

Year 1.

  • Introduction to Art and Craft
  • Organization of Art teaching
  • Practical work e.g. pattern work, picture making, painting, color wheel etc.

Year 2.

  • Techniques of Art and Craft teaching
  • Practical work e.g. color harmonies, complex designs, complex patterns, painting techniques and crafts

Year 3.

  • Art history – famous artists and their works
  • Methods of integrating art and crafts into other subject disciplines
  • Practical work e.g. art printing techniques, crafts and carving etc.


Year 1

  • Introduction to music – History and Invention of Music
  • Music appreciation
  • Voice training
  • Aural training
  • Elements of music
  • Musical terms and signs
  • Choral technique and recording
  • Musical activities for children.

Year 2

  • Theory of music
  • Teaching methods in music
  • Choir conducting
  • Musical instruments
  • Historical works
  • Musical activities for children
  • Research

Year 3.

  • Voice training
  • Aural training
  • Song books
  • Conducting and choral technique (continued)
  • Musical instruments (playing)
  • Teaching methods


Year 1

  • Philosophy of Physical Education
  • The child – Growth and development
  • Role of the Physical Education teacher
  • Teaching techniques
  • Individual activities
  • Athletics

Year 2

  • Teaching techniques and Methodology
  • Planning
  • Safety
  • Extra curricular and sporting activities
  • Group activities
  • Games

Year 3

  • Professional methods
  • Extra curricular and sporting activities, Part 2
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics Part 2
  • Games Part 2


  • Inter-house sports competition
  • Entertainment activities e.g. culture day, music day etc
  • Participating in Inter-colleges, national and International music and sports competitions
  • Field trips to areas of subject sections’ interests
  • Art and Crafts exhibitions
  • Performing in community activities.