DPP to rule Malawi up to 2099 -Governor

By | August 1, 2016

Regional Governor for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the north, Kenneth Sanga, has told people of Mzimba to put their trust on DPP government and not opposition saying time for Kwacha-Kwacha is over, because his party is to rule Malawi up to 2099.

Sanga: DPP to be im power almost forever

Sanga: DPP to be im power almost forever

He made the remarks Saturday at Sazu in Mzimba during a rally after donating Timbers to schools affected by disasters.

Sanga said the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and other opposition parties should not panic because DPP is there up to 2099.

Sanga said “The president Peter Mutharika will wind up in 2024 but the leadership shall continue up to 2099 because there is no other party which can rule this country other than DPP.”

He said people of Mzimba Solola should accept they made a mistake to vote for an opposition Parliamentarian who can do nothing but oppose to even important development ideas that will benefit the people in the district.

Sanga further asked people of Mzimba to work with the DPP government alone if they want development to flourish in the district.

He said his party has the welfare of the people at heart and that is why the president took time to visit the people who were affected by the floods in Mzuzu and other areas recently.

Presidential Advisor on National Unity and Parliamentary Affairs, SymonVuwa Kaunda said for a short time the DPP government has brought new developments in the region such as Mombera University, Karonga-Chitipa Road among other notable developments in the region.

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He ruled out nepotism saying the party does not segregate the northerners saying a lot of ministerial positions are occupied by people from the North citing the example of the Minister of Finance.

Kaunda said “The DPP government does not look down on the northern region. A lot of people and even myself from the north are into various positions in the party among other ministerial positions in the cabinet which is an indication that the president values the region.”