Mzimba Ngonis set for Umthetho cultural celebrations

By | August 4, 2016

The Ngoni of Mzimba have geared up for this year’s Umthetho cultural festival which is set to take place from 11th August through 13th August at Hora mountain site.

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Speaking during an Interview on Wednesday, Inkosi M’mbelwa said the Chiefs in Mzimba are ready for the cultural event which apart from traditional dances, the Paramount Chief find time to advise his people on how they can sustain the cultural values.

M’mbelwa said; “As chiefs we are ready for the event, this is a cultural festival where all the Ngoni people come together to cerebrate and showcase various dances as one way of enhancing our culture.

“We also take time to advise each other on other harmful cultural practices which we feel are not edible for our society.”

Secretary for Mzimba Heritage Association (MZIHA), Ndawazake Thole said this year’s Umthetho festival will be one of the remarkable event as a lot of international visitors are set to attend.

He said the international visitors will come from South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe among other countries.

Thole said the event will start on Friday, on 11th August where the chiefs and other invited visitors will do camping at the top of Hora Mountain.

Umtheto is ngoni cultural festival which is conducted annually with an aim to focus at providing a platform for the interpretation of traditions, either on HIV/AIDS, Food Security, Environment Conservation, Education, Health etc.

This year’s Umthetho festival will be celebrated with the theme ‘Culture and Climate Change’.

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