Malawi Prisons Service

By | January 2, 2017

Malawi Prisons Service

The Malawi Prison Service is a department under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Security. Its operations are provided for under the Laws of Malawi Chapter 9.02 and the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi Section 17:163.It is regulated by Prisons Act of 1966.
As provided by the Constitution: –

  • To house, detain and rehabilitate persons committed to prisons 17:163 and Laws of Malawi¬† Chap 9:02
  • Control of Prisons and Management of such Institutions and Incidental matters.

“Excellent correctional service that contributes to enhanced public security”
Mission Statement
To contribute to public security and socio-economic development in Malawi through the provision of safe, humane custody and rehabilitation of offenders

  • Professionalism
    We believe in high quality service, care for law offenders and safety for the general public as drivers for our rehabilitation and reformation programmes.
  • Transparency and Accountability
    We seek to promote responsible, transparent and accountable leadership at all levels of our organization and establish an environment where diversity of ideas, mutual trust, openness, best practices and human dignity to safeguard our corporate identity
  • Collaboration
    Investing in people as our guarantee to efficiency and effectiveness including promoting reintegration of prisoners back into society in partnership with other stakeholders
  • Responsive and Equitable Service
    We are committed to welfare of staff as well as maximising their potential.
  • Integrity
    We execute our services in an independent, impartial and honest manner
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