Institute of Marketing and Management Examination Timetable October 2017 / 2018

By | July 19, 2017

Institute of Marketing and Management Examination Timetable October 2017 / 2018

Assessment: Examination

Timetable October 2017

0861 IMM 476 |


Morning Session – Start Time: 9h00*

Afternoon Session – Start Time: 14h00*

16 Oct | Mon

Advanced Digital Marketing 4 (ADM401) – Open book

Economics 2 (ECO201)

Advanced Services Marketing 4 (ASER401) – Open book

Project Management 2 (PRM201)

Business-to-Business Marketing (BBM001)

Basic Marketing Research 2 (BMR201)

Basics of Export Trade 1 (BET101)

International Economics 3 (IE301)

17 Oct | Tues

Financial Management 1 (FM101)

Business Management 3 (BM303)

Services Marketing (SEM001)

International Trade 1 (IT101)

18 Oct | Wed

Economic Principles 1 (ECOP101)

Marketing 2 (MAR202)

Product Management (PM001)

Finance & Payments 2 (FP201)

Supply Chain Management 3 (SCM303)

19 Oct | Thu

Marketing 1 (MAR101)

Financial Management 2 (FM202)

Retail Marketing (RM001)

Operations Management 3 (OM301)

Finance & Payments 3 (FP302)

20 Oct | Fri

Advanced Strategic Marketing: Theory & Practice 4 (ASM401) – Open book

Business Law 1 (BL101)

Tourism & Hospitality Marketing (THM001)/Destination

Marketing (DSM001)

Supply Chain Management 2 (SCM202)

Export Management 2 (EM201)

Fundamentals of Business Communication 1 (FBC101)

23 Oct | Mon

Advanced Global Marketing 4 (AGM401) – Open book

Distribution & Logistics Management 2 (DLM201)

Marketing 3 (MAR303) – Open book

Business Numeracy 1 (BN101)

International Export Trade Strategy 3 (ETS301) – Open book

Supply Chain Management 1 (SCM101)

Export Administration 2 (EA201)

24 Oct | Tue

Entrepreneurship (ENT001)

Business Management 2 (BM202)

Sales Management 1 (SAM101)

e-Commerce (EC001)/Digital Marketing (DM001)

Advanced Brand Management 4 (ABM401) – Open book

Export Administration 1 (EA101)

Business Statistics 1 (BS101)

25 Oct | Wed

Business Communication 1 (BC101)

Human Resource Management (HRM001/HRM301)

International & Africa Marketing 3 (IAM301)

Africa and Global Marketing 3 (AFGM301)

Marketing Communications 2 (MC201)

International Marketing 3 (IM301)

International Trade Law 2 (ITL201)

26 Oct | Thu

Business Management 1 (BM101)

Marketing Research: Theory 2/3 (MRT201/MRT301)

Business Research: Theory (BRT201/BRT301)

International Trade Law 3 (ITL301)

27 Oct | Fri

Advanced Marketing Research: Theory 4 (AMRT401) – Open book

Economics 1 (ECO101)

Brand Management (BM001) / Brand Management 2 (BM201)

Financial Management 3 (FM303)

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Please read the IMM Graduate School’s Examination Policy & Procedures in the Student Yearbook or on Note:

1.All morning sessions on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays start at 9h00* and end at 12h00*, except Advanced Brand Management 4 which starts at 9h00* and ends at 13h00*.

2.All morning sessions on Mondays and Fridays start at 9h00* and end at 13h00*.

3.All afternoon sessions start at 14h00* and end at 17h00*.

4.Students writing examinations must be seated in their respective examination venues 15 minutes before the examination is due to commence.

5.The doors to the exam venue close 10 minutes prior to the start of the examination.

6.A confirmation letter and ID/Passport/Drivers License is compulsory to gain access to the examination venue.

*Please note the stipulated times refer to South African times.

Please note that due to circumstances beyond the control of the IMM Graduate School, dates may be subject to change. Any changes to the examination timetable will be communicated on the IMM Graduate School website and/or via SMS/email.v