Malawians Refuse To Recognize Commercial Sex Workers’ Rights

By | August 25, 2017

Malawians Refuse To Recognize Commercial Sex Workers’ Rights

In Malawi if not entire Africa, a  woman is defined by marriage, the kids  and responsibilities- own in family, that is why sex workers are usually seen as outcast, valueless and shameless women who deserve no respect.

But the born of human rights, which many is rooted in western culture, sex workers are now  demanding their rights, their services must be respected.
The typical example is the remarks made by the National Coordinator of Sex Workers Association of Malawi (SWAM), Zinenani Majawa during a sex workers interface meeting held in the resort district of Salima on Sunday.
“We are not happy that in this age, we sex workers continue to face a lot of abuse and discrimination. Then we need help from police and hospital, there is no privacy for us.
“In two weeks time we have arranged meetings with Police and the Ministry of health to present our complaints and if we are not assisted after that, we will hold demonstrations across the country,” Majama said.
Holding demonstration for what? Malawi custodians ask on social media, why you want to legalize sins another added a comment.
The idea of human rights in Malawi brings battle  between secularism and religion,  if one takes a minute to observe, is going to realize that almost all attributes of rights are rooted outside spiritual arena.
“Today, people want to legalise every type of sin on earth. Soon enough, timva kuti anthu opha anzawo naonso akufuna ufulu wawo utetezedwe. Mbava, ogwililira and the list goes on. Come on Malawi! Are we that stupid? I grew up hearing that Malawi is a God-fearing nation……now we are becoming human-fearing nation…..OKAY. These headless idiots need to know that Malwi needs taxes….hahahaha they should have timachine ta MRA tija kuti customer akalipira, azimupatsa receipt.” comment on topic followed. 

“Nde Zachambadi, ndani wawauza zaufulu umeneyo? asatisokosepo apa,” another comment added.
Malawians still consider the prostitution as shameful act, that is why it is always done during nights across the town streets.
“Demo imeneyo apange usiku osati masana, ufulu umenewo autenga kuti…. Malawi akupita kuti,” a comment that depict prostitution as shameful act.
The human rights are believed  to push many Malawians away from their believe that is why someone commented;
“Wrong business, who is there to listen to their bad choice. Lets pray for them to return into the the house of the Lord.”

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