ACP Institute for Management Admission for 2020-2021 Academic Year

By | May 26, 2020

When you have identified the residential course that fits your requirements, complete a copy of the application form and submit it to Commonwealth Institute of Management. You can also e-mail your particulars indicating which course you are interested.

If you wish to nominate several candidates for courses, please use a separate form for each. It is important that all sections of the form be completed. In parallel to applying to Commonwealth Institute of Management several other processes should be started as necessary.  Visa application Scholarship application Check air travel routes and availability



Courses Offered

The institute conducts flexible distance and supported learning programmes ranging from Certificate to Masters Degree, such as Diploma in Human Resource Management,

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Administration,

Executive MBA Degree etc.

Some of the Faculties include:  

•Faculty of General Management

•Faculty of Accounting and Financial Management

•Faculty of Information Technology (IT) Additional Faculties are being established on an ongoing basis.

The course programmes are conducted by highly qualified and experienced consultants from the institute as well as individual consultants from the highest institutions of learning, research centres and private sector in Swaziland  as well as associate consultants from other countries. In Swaziland  the Institute utilizes the services of consultants from University of Swaziland (UNISWA), Institute of Development Management (IDM), Swaziland College of Technology (SCOT), Swaziland Institute of Management and Public Administration (SIMPA), and Public Policy Coordinating Unit (PPCU) of the Government of Swaziland.


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The expertise faculty is available to local and international organizations wishing to improve management performance.  Consulting includes short-term (not exceeding 3 months) in areas such as feasibility studies, market research, project planning, project management, project monitoring and evaluation, poverty eradication strategies etc.  The faculty also provides general advice and guidance at all levels of the organizational structure. The consultancy division operates as Jessek Pan Africa Consulting Group International. 

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