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By | August 6, 2020

Our work philosophy is clear. We begin everything with quality – we design it into every product, embed it into every process, and teach it to every employee, to ensure high quality healthcare with excellent outputs that meet or exceed any stringent regulatory requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

When I started Danadams in 2005, my prayer was to be a contributing leader among Africans who are taking charge of solving our continent’s challenges. My message to my employees is consistent: only Africans will build Africa. That’s why our company vision is bold: creating a healthy Africa will enable our children to live longer, better and with more independence and success. To achieve this vision, we need a strong company. Year over year, we have been re-investing in our growth, recruiting better talent, building improved facilities and expanding our business in the West Africa region.

As we move ahead, we are embracing even greater change. Our number one priority is obtaining WHO pre-qualification status within the next eighteen months. We’re also ready to move beyond the scope of manufacturing generics, and have established key joint ventures with US business partners and international research organizations to develop new products and packaging specifically for the African market.

The pharmaceutical industry in Africa is burgeoning, with Western analysts predicting that in Ghana and Nigeria alone, we’ll reach more than $2B revenue mark 2018. There is much for us to do in shaping policy, implementing better regulations and creating an ethical and viable industry that adopts new technologies and product research and innovation. Danadams is ready for the challenge. We are rapidly learning, growing and evolving to be at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry in Africa. We believe Africa’s time is now, and we embrace like-minded thinkers to help lead the way.

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