University of Malawi The Polytechnic Business Incubation Center launched

By | November 17, 2020

The Polytechnic has officially launched its Business Incubation Centre whose aim is to equip the youth within Blantyre with professional entrepreneurship expertise, regardless of their educational background

The center has been launched by Madalitso Kazembe of the Malawi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who also happened to be the guest honor, on Thursday, 29th October 2020 at the School of Engineering Lecture Theatre.

The center is being sponsored by the Malawi Government through the Ministry of Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development with the funding from the African Development Bank.

Speaking during the launch, Kazembe expressed her gratitude to the Polytechnic and the Government of Malawi for this project which is going to assist the youth in becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Kazembe added that the incubates should become employers whose businesses will contribute to the manufacturing development of the country once they graduate.

“In Malawi we are always importing while other countries are using our raw materials to manufacture goods which in turn we purchase at higher prices. This program will contribute to the improvement of the economy of the country; hence forex will be available,” she said.

The team leader of the project Dr Mary Kamwaza encouraged the incubates of the first cohort who have already started their classes to work hard so that at the end of the 5 months course they should acquire the expertise to venture into their prospective businesses.

Representing the Principal was Dr Francis Chikunkhuzeni who stated that the Polytechnic has historically  been committed to human resource capital development in Malawi. In this regard, it has included in its programs the element of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Alinafe Kaliwo, a lecturer and business man was a keynote speaker who encouraged the incubates by telling them that everything is possible because in the end they will become employers too.

Representing the Incubates was Emmanuel Chauya who thanked the Malawi Government and Polytechnic for this free opportunity.