BGCSE Exams Revised Timetable

By | October 5, 2021

This timetable contains
 some instructions and guidelines about the examinations
 schedules of coursework and moderation timelines
 a full list, in date order and sessions, of all the examinations
 the key to the timetable.
The timetable must be followed throughout. If there is any discrepancy between this timetable and any other documents such as Statements of Entry or labels on Question Paper packets, the Head of Centre should contact the Director Examination Administration and Certification.

Examinations scheduled for the morning session should start at 8.00 am; examinations in the afternoon should start at 2.00 pm. See also section 11- Key Times and Full Centre Supervision for Cambridge Syllabuses.

In cases where there are two papers for the same syllabus timetabled in the same examination session, candidates should be allowed a short supervised break between the papers. The supervised break should be no longer than 30 minutes. The second question paper must not be given out until the full time allocated to the first paper has been allowed and the scripts, answer sheets and question papers for the first paper
have been collected.

Any time required for candidates to read through question papers, to study maps, etc., is already included in the duration of the examination as shown on the timetable and on the front cover of the question paper. No additional time should be allowed.

The question papers for 0596/01 Observational Study, 0596/02 Interpretative Study and 0596/03 Design Study are
delivered during early material question paper dispatch.
These question papers should be given to candidates immediately on receipt from BEC.
The examination is of 10 hours duration and should take place over two consecutive days. All Centres must timetable the examination from 12 –13 October 2021. Since the dates of this examination are not reflected in the timetable and
Statement of Entry, the Head of Centre must arrange for all candidates to be informed of the dates.

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The Planning Sessions for this Practical Examination will take place on 13 September 2021 starting at 8.00 am. The practical examination will take place from 23 September to 13 October
The dates of the Planning Session and the Practical Examination do not appear on the candidates’ Statement of
Entry. The Head of Centre must arrange for all candidates to be informed of the dates of the planning session and the practical examination.

For the Practical Examinations in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Computer Studies, it may be necessary to arrange a
number of consecutive sessions of the examination. In such cases, arrangements must be made to ensure that there is no contact between candidates who have taken the test in one session and those who are scheduled to take the test in a later session.

The Performing Examination of Music 0617/02 will take place during the period 13-29 September 2021. The date of the
Performing Examination will not appear on the candidates’ Statement of Entry. The Head of Centre must arrange for all
candidates to be informed of the date.

The Speaking Tests will take place between 15 September and 18 October 2021. The date of the Speaking Test will not
appear on the candidates’ Statement of Entry. The Head of Centre must arrange for all candidates to be informed of the date. Marks should be submitted to BEC through Malepa application. Both Speaking Test samples and marks should reach BEC not later than 21 October 2021.

Centres which have registered candidates for Coursework syllabuses should submit all coursework and coursework
marks on the stipulated dates as indicated on page 11 of the 2021 BGCSE Practical Examination/Coursework Moderation Schedule of this Timetable. All coursework marks except for 0599/03-Agriculture paper 3 should be captured on Malepa application by Centres. For 0599/03-Agriculture paper 3, the marks should be sent for capture at BEC. Centres who have not captured coursework marks at the time of moderation will not be moderated.

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Centres which take Cambridge International GCE Ordinary Level syllabuses and BGCSE French should observe that
Cambridge International requires that at the Key Times stipulated below, all candidates must be under Full Centre
Supervision for security purposes. Syllabuses which are affected include; 4037-Additional Mathematics, 4040- Statistics
and 0618 – BGCSE French.
The Key Times are 11.00 am local time for the morning sessions and 3.00 pm local time for the afternoon sessions. In
the November 2021 series all of the examination papers concerned are written in the morning session.
The morning session for examinations will start at 8.00am local time. Candidates who will be writing Cambridge International examinations will therefore finish before the Key Time of 11.00am. Since the Key Time is after the end of the examinations, all candidates must remain under Full Centre Supervision
until 11.00 am.
Candidates can either be under Full Centre Supervision in the examination rooms with their invigilators or when they
leave the examination rooms, they must be under Full Centre Supervision with their invigilators continuously until the Key Time

During the period between the end of the examination and 11.00 am, candidates can have access to their books and
notes, and they can talk to each other provided that they do not cause any disturbance to other candidates who are still doing an examination. However, candidates must not have access to telephones, cell phones, the internet, or any means of external communication, and candidates must not be allowed to communicate by any means whatsoever with anyone who is not under Full Centre Supervision. As soon as the Key Time has passed, the candidates may be released.

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