University of Technology Mauritius Enrolment for April And October Intake

By | May 23, 2023

Please return the completed Application Form together with certified photocopies of supporting documents and an Application Fee as prescribed in the advertisement, to the University of Technology, Mauritius (La Tour Koenig, Pointe-aux-Sables, Mauritius) on or before the date specified by the University.

Free Higher Education in Public Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) for Mauritian citizens:
Free Higher Education Scheme covers tuition fees for students of Mauritian Nationality enrolled in an academic programme leading to a first award certificate, first diploma or first degree.
The Scheme does not apply to in-service training and to commissioned/sponsored programmes by industry. Also, the Scheme does not apply to students whose fees are already covered by another scheme such as scholarships, sponsorships etc.

Tailor-made courses
Tailor-made courses designed at the specific requests of client organizations and considered as in-house training accommodate only students
sponsored by client organizations. Exceptionally, non-sponsored students may be accommodated on a case-to-case basis, subject to payment of appropriate fees. For tailor-made courses made at the request of clients, appropriate fees will apply. Please check UTM website for more

General Entry Requirements
Students applying for admission to undergraduate need to satisfy the following entry requirements.
EITHER Pass in 3 subjects at A-Level and 1 subject at the subsidiary level at Higher School Certificate Examinations, OR Pass in 2 subjects at A-Level and 2 subjects at the subsidiary level at the Higher School Certificate Examination,
OR Pass in 3 subjects at A-level at the London General Certificate Examination,
OR Pass Diploma (Higher National Diploma pitched at NQF Level 6 in lieu of SC/HSC results). Candidates with a Diploma/Higher
A diploma pitched at NQF Level 6 may be allowed in a directly relevant Top-Up degree.
OR Equivalent Qualifications awarded by other recognized institutions and approved by Academic Council as satisfying the minimum requirements for admission.

Enrolment for April 2023 (Academic Year 2023)

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