ECZ 2023 Candidate Registration Now Open

By | September 5, 2023

The Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) has commenced the registration of candidates for the 2023 school examinations. Eligible candidates at the following levels: Grade 7, 9 Internal, 9 External, School Certificate (SC) and General Certificate of Education (GCE) are encouraged to contact examination centres to formalize the registration. No examination fees are applicable to candidates in public and grant-aided schools. Applicable fees apply to private centres.

Read the Guidelines here

Guidelines for Pre-Registration of Candidates
1.1 Pre-Registration Activity
1.1.1 The Headteacher/Centre Coordinator should compile registration data to be entered by asking candidates to provide the following details:
(i) Name which should be on the Certificate in full; and as they appear on the Birth Certificate.
(ii) Date of Birth and sex as it appears on the Birth Certificate/Birth Record;
(iii) Subjects to be written and paper options;
(iv) Please note that for Grade 9 External and General Certificate of Education (GCE) candidates, Examination numbers are automatically generated at the time of registration.
(v) Candidate National Registration Card Number for GCE candidates.
1.1.2 Once the above details have been compiled, the Headteacher should ask the candidates to verify that the above information has been correctly written before the commencement of entering the data.
1.2 Data Capture
1.2.1 The Headteacher should ensure that all the candidates in the school have provided the required and correct registration details.
1.2.2 All candidates should be pre-entered into the OCRS before paying examination fees.
1.2.3 The Examination Numbers for Grade 9 External and GCE candidates shall be
generated during the pre-entry of candidate data into the system.
1.2.4 Only candidates who have paid Examination Fees will be registered for Examinations by moving to the paid register. (Refer to Guidelines on Payments of Examination Fees).
1.2.5 The Data Entry Officer must ensure that instructions provided in the Online Candidate Registration System (OCRS) manual are followed when entering the data. The most important points to note include the following:
a. Grade 7 Centre
(i) Examination numbers are automatically generated.
(ii) All subjects are automatically allocated except for the Zambian Language which the Data Entry Officer has to select from the seven options for the candidates.

(iii) A school shall select only One Zambian Language for all the
(iv) The Data Entry Officer should select candidates’ School of Choices from a list of Grade 9 approved existing Examination Centres provided by the Examinations and Council of Zambia in the OCRS.
(v) Candidates’ schools of choice are restricted to the Province. Choosing a school outside the Province will result in a candidate appearing in a Dummy Centre.
b. Grade 9 Internal Centres
(i) Every candidate must supply a valid examination number as stated on the Grade 7 Certificate or Statement of Results.
(ii) All repeaters must be entered for the Grade 9 External Examination.
(iii) Only applicable subjects must be selected.
(iv) Candidates should register for a maximum of nine subjects.
c. Grade 12 Centres
(i) Every candidate must supply a valid Examination Number as stated on the Grade 9 Certificate/Statement of Results.
(ii) All repeaters must be entered for the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Examination. The Grade 9 Examination number can only be used in one sitting.
(iii) Only applicable subjects must be selected.
(iv) All candidates registering for Biology must be entered for Papers 1, 2 and 3.
(v) Candidates taking Pure Sciences must register for 5054 Physics and 5070 – Chemistry while those taking Physical Science must register for 5124 – Science.
d. Grade 9 External Centres
(i) Examination numbers will be automatically generated.
(ii) Candidates can enter for one or more subjects but a maximum of nine.