Liwa College Of Technology (LCT) Student Fees Prospectus

Liwa College Of Technology (LCT) Student Fees Prospectus

Located at the heart of the rapidly evolving Abu Dhabi city, the Liwa College of Technology (LCT) was established in 1993 following recognition by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education.

LCT was established to prepare students for the careers of the future by keeping up with the latest scientific, technical, and business developments of contemporary life.

LCT has established itself as one of the leading institutions of higher education in the UAE and the region.

Admission tuition and fees

FacultyAED Per Credit Hour
Faculty of Business Administration1200
Faculty of Media1250
General Education1000
Faculty of Engineering1550
Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences 1500

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Other fees are as follows:

Admission: 500 AED one time

Registration: 500 AED / Semester

Books and Study Materials: 300 AED / Course

Student Services: 650 AED / per semester

Lab: 600 AED / Course if applicable

Studio / Lab: 150 AED / Semester if applicable

Diploma Certificate Fee: 200 AED one time

Bachelor Certificate Fee: 200 AED one time

Graduation Fees are: 500 AED one time

English as a Second Language for programs taught in English: 5000 AED for each level (Excluding the Exams)

LCT reserves the right to increase the tuition and fees at the beginning of each academic year.

All fees do not include VAT.

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