LEC 2017 Tender Advert – Environmental Study Line Design Khukhune

By | August 30, 2017

LEC 2017 Tender Advert – Environmental Study Line Design Khukhune




The Lesotho Electricity Company intends to upgrade the 88kV line from Khukhune substation to Letseng substation and the upgraded line needs to withstand the wind speeds and snow loads of the geographic area. LEC therefore invites proposals to provide the following consulting services: ANALYSIS OF WIND SPEEDS AND SNOW LOADING FROM MAHLASELA SUBSTATION TO LETŠENG SUBSTATION. More details on the Services are as follows:

a.Undertake analysis of wind speeds and snow loading along 88kV line route from Mahlasela substation to Letšeng substation.

b.Propose optimum transmission line structures and conductor size for the purposes of replacing the existing line.

c.Identify the possible line route confining your proposal to existing servitude where possible.

d.Perform geotechnical investigations of the line route.

e.Perform design of proposed 132kV line.

f.Prepare power line profiles

g.Estimate cost of implementing the project.

h.Preparation of study report.

The date and time of proposal submission are: 28th September, 2017 at 12:00 hrs at LEC Headquarters, Management Office Block, for opening on the same day at 12:15 hrs

A complete set of bidding documents is available from Procurement Office at the address above.

LEC contact person is:

The Procurement Manager, 53 Moshoeshoe Road Industrial Area


Telephone 🙁 +266) 2231 2236 / 5227 2219/ 5227 2360/ 5227 2146 Facsimile: (+266) 2232 7647

E-mail:leshoella@lec.co.ls or tsiu@lec.co.ls