Scott School of Nursing Fees Structure

By | November 10, 2020

You have made the single most noble and important choice of selecting nursing as your career. At the
Scott College of nursing we regard the nursing profession as both a noble choice as well as a calling.
AS a Lesotho Evangelical church in South Africa (LECSA) College we care for the patients physical,
mental and spiritual needs. In everything that we do we put Christ our lord as the leader who will
guide us in our day-to-day activities.

Application forms are available at the College of Nursing and its website is used solely for applications
soon after the COSC/LGSCE results are published. All applicants return the application forms on or
before the set date for processing. For more information about the Scott College of Nursing contact
the following:

Scott School of Nursing Fees Structure

For Scott School of Nursing Fees Structure contact the school for details:

Scott College of Nursing

Private Bag

Morija 190

 Phones: (+266) 22360471 / (+266) 52500110 / 1

Fax: (+266) 22360471

Tuition Fees

Certificate in Nursing Assistant (M)Diploma in Nursing (M)Diploma in Midwifery (M)
Tuition fee3,150.003,150.003,150.00
Book fee2,600.005,000.005,000.00
Examination fee1,050.001,245.001,769.00
Computer literacy fee300300300
TOTAL28, 778.5031,373.5031,897.50


Registration Fees: A non-refundable registration fee of M 3000.00 should be paid upfront by all first-year students including the Diploma in Midwifery students. Continuing students pay a registration fee of M750.00 in the first week of every academic year. All payments are to be made to the school’s bank account using details on page 11 of the prospectus or on this page. Proof of payment should be presented to the accounts office.