National University of Technology Application for 2021/2022 Academic Year Admission

By | May 4, 2021

How do I apply to study at NUST?

  • You can apply online by clicking on this link
  • You can download an application form that must be completed, with the stipulated documents being attached before submission: Click Here

The closing date for considering applications shall be determined by the university. Late applications will be considered upon payment of a late application fee of which a deadline shall be advised.

What is Normal Entry?For Normal entry candidates must satisfy the basic requirements as prescribed in the general regulation, which are : 

  • passes in at least five subjects at O level or equivalent including Mathematics and English,
  • In addition, they must have at least 2 passes At A level or equivalent.

What is Special Entry?

Special entry is a form of admission into any programme without using Advanced Level (ZIMSEC/CAMBRIDGE) qualifications. This can be through Diploma results or other qualifications. Entryway in some departments considers work experience.

Do you consider Mature Entry?

Mature entry is for persons over 25 years of age on the first day of the academic year, and must have passed at least 5 O’ level subjects including Mathematics and English.

Applicants for mature entry may be tested for competency in English language and numeracy through interviews or tests before admission.

How many ‘A’ level subjects Does one need?

For Normal Entry, at least 2 passes at A’ level or equivalent.

Does NUST consider qualifications from other Universities/Colleges?

Yes, NUST does consider them, particularly for postgraduate studies

What is a Conventional Programme?

Conventional Programmes are those under the day scheme. They run through out a stipulated semester.

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What is a Parallel Programme?

Parallel Programmes are run during the evenings and weekends, they are meant to cater for candidates who meet the minimum basic entry requirements for the Programmes on offer and will have been unable to secure places under the conventional day scheme or who prefer Parallel Programmes. Like conventional programmes they also run through out the semester what differs is the time classes are conducted.

What is a Block Release Programme?

Block release programmes are a form of alternating education, making the link between school and the world of work. Classes are conducted during the day for a set period of time and the duration of the block depends on the number of courses being taken. 

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