Mukungule University Zambia Applications for Admission to Full-Time Programme

By | May 24, 2023

Online Application – Pick a Program of Choice

Overview of all programs that are currently on offer.

Please note that you require the following documents to complete your application:

  • You need to pay the application fee of K150 which must be deposited in the Mulungushi University ZANACO Bank Account No. 1067654300160 at any of their branches countrywide. For foreign students, you need to make a bank draft of US$50 in the name of Mulungushi University and scan a copy and attach it to the online application.
  • You need to scan the deposit slip for the application fee and attach it as part of your online application.
  • You need to scan and attach certified copies of your certificate or statement of results. Please note your application will not be considered if you do not attach this document
  • If you have obtained academic or professional training after leaving school (eg diploma) and want them to be used to support your application then you should scan and attach certified copies of your diploma certificates.
  • You need to scan and attach either a copy of your passport or National Registration Card (NRC) or any form of identification
  • You need to scan and attach a letter from your sponsor confirming that they are willing to sponsor you for the course at Mulungushi University

Your application will not be considered unless you submit all required documents.

Select the first choice program for which you are applying

You will select second choice later

School of Agriculture and Natural Resources (SANR)

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#ProgramCodeEnd of intake
1Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business ManagementBABM2050-01-01
2Bachelor of Science in Environmental StudiesBScES2050-01-01
3Bachelor of HorticultureBHORT2050-01-01
4Bachelor of Land and Water Resources ManagementBLWRM2050-01-01
5Bachelor of Science in ClimatologyBClim2050-01-01
6Master in Disaster StudiesMDS2050-01-01
7Master of Science in Agriculture Risk ManagementMSCARM2050-01-01
8Master of Science in AgribusinessMSAB2050-01-01
9Master in Agricultural Risk ManagementMARM2050-01-01
10Master in Climate Change and Sustainable DevelopmentMCSD2050-01-01
11Bachelor of Science in AgricultureBSc Agric2050-01-01
12Bachelor of Environmental StudiesBES2050-01-01
13Master of Science Agricultural Risk ManagementMScARM2050-01-01
14Bachelor of Science in Land and Water Resources ManagementBScLWRM2050-01-01
15Bachelor of Science in Agriculture EconomicsBScAE2050-01-01
16Master of Disaster Studies (Research)MDSR2050-01-01
17Bachelor of Science in AgronomyBScAgro2040-12-31
18Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources ManagementBScNRM2040-12-31
19Bachelor of Science in Climatology and Environmental ManagementBScCLEM2040-12-31
20Bachelor of Science in Hydrology and Earth System ScienceBScHESS2040-12-31
21Master of Science in AgronomyMScAgro2040-12-31
22Master of Science in Environmental and Natural Resources ManagementMENR2050-01-01

School of Business Studies (SBS)

#ProgramCodeEnd of intake
1Bachelor of CommerceBCOM2050-01-01
2Bachelor of EntrepreneurshipBENT2050-01-01
3Bachelor of Human Resource ManagementBHRM2050-01-01
4Bachelor of Labour StudiesBLS2050-01-01
5Diploma in Business Management and AccountingDBMA2050-01-01
6Diploma in Human Resource Development and ManagementDHRM2050-01-01
7Diploma in Marketing ManagementDMM2050-01-01
8Diploma in Project Planning and ManagementDPPM2050-01-01
9Bachelor of Accounting and FinanceBAF2050-01-01
10Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply ManagementBPSM2050-01-01
11Diploma in Purchasing and Supply ManagementDPSM2050-01-01
12Master of Business AdministrationMBA2050-01-01
13Bachelor of Banking and FinanceBBF2050-01-01
14Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality ManagementBTHM2050-01-01
15Master of Science in Human Resource ManagementMSc HRM2050-01-01
16Postgraduate Diploma in Quality ManagementPG Dip QM2050-01-01
17Bachelor of LawsLLB2050-01-01
18Bachelor of Labour and Employment RelationsBLER2050-01-01
19Bachelor of Arts in Employment Relations and Human Resource ManagementBAERHR2050-01-01
20Bachelor of Business Administration and EntrepreneurshipBBAE2050-01-01
21Bachelor of Arts in Employment Relations and Public AdministrationBAERPA2050-01-01
22Bachelor of Arts in Labour and Human Resource ManagementBALHRM2050-01-01
23Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Relations)BComPR2050-01-01
24Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Journalism)BComJ2050-01-01
25Master of Labour and Employment RelationsMLER2050-01-01
26Postgraduate Diploma in Labour and Employment RelationsPGD_LER2050-01-01
27Master of Business Administration and EntrepreneurshipMBAE2050-01-01
28Master of MarketingMMkt2050-01-01
29Master of Science in Banking and FinanceMScBF2050-01-01
30Bachelor of Business Administration and MarketingBBAE2050-01-01
31Bachelor of Arts in Office ManagementBAOM2050-01-01
32Master of LawsLLM2050-01-01
33Master of Accounting and FinanceMAF2040-12-31
34Master of Science in Accounting and FinanceMSc AF2050-01-01
35Bachelor of Communications in Journalism ZamcomBComJZC2040-12-31
36Bachelor of Communications in Public Relations ZamcomBComPRZC2050-01-01
37Bachelor of Purchasing and Supply Management EHCBPSMEHC2050-01-01
38Diploma in Programme Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (Professional)PPME2026-08-30
39Bachelor of Security StudiesBSS2050-04-01
40Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)Bcom-Mkt2034-12-10
41Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering) EHCBENGIE2050-01-01
42Master of Arts in Media and Corporate CommunicationsMCJ2023-10-10
43Professional Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health in Law and General PracticeOSH-LGP2025-09-06
44Bachelor of Commerce- EconomicsBcom-Eco2050-06-30
45Bachelor of Commerce- ManagementBcom-Mgt2026-06-30
46Bachelor of Commerce- MarketingBcom-Marketing2026-06-30
47Bachelor of Commerce- Accounting and FinanceBcom-ACC&FIN2050-10-30
48Master of Arts in Strategic Communication for DevelopmentMSCD2050-12-31
49Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal JusticeBACCJ2050-02-02

School of Engineering and Technology (SET)

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#ProgramCodeEnd of intake
1Bachelor of Computer ScienceBCS2050-01-01
2Bachelor of Information TechnologyBIT2050-01-01
3Diploma in Information TechnologyDIT2050-01-01
4Master of Science in Computer ScienceMSCS2050-01-01
5Bachelor of Mathematics and Computer ScienceBMCS2050-01-01
6Bachelor of Science in Post Basic NursingBSc PBN2050-01-01
7Bachelor of Engineering (Agriculture Engineering)BEng AE2050-01-01
8Master of Engineering in Project ManagementMEngPM2050-01-01
9Bachelor of Science in Information TechnologyBScIT2050-01-01
10Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceBScCS2050-01-01
11Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering)BENGIE2050-01-01
12Master of Science in Information TechnologyMScIT2050-01-01
13Doctor of Philosophy in Computer SciencePhDCS2050-01-01
14Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)BEng Civ II2050-01-01
15Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering)BEng EE2050-01-01
16Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)BEng Mech II2050-01-01
17Bachelor of Information SystemsBIS2040-12-31
18Bachelor of Business InformaticsBBI2040-12-31
19Bachelor of Data ScienceBDSc2040-12-31
20Bachelor of Science in Cyber SecurityBScCS2040-12-31
21Master of Science in Computer Science and Artificial IntelligenceMScCSAI2040-12-31
22Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with Artificial IntelligenceBScCSAI2040-12-31
23Master of Science in Data Science and Big DataMScDScBT2040-12-31
24Master of Science in Information TechnologyMScIT2040-12-31
25Master of Science in Cyber SecurityMScCS2040-12-31
26PhD in Information SystemsPhD IS2040-12-31
27Bachelor of Engineering- Geomatics EngineeringBEng GE2040-12-31
28Master of Science in SanitationMSc San2040-12-31

School of Natural and Applied Sciences (SNAS)

#ProgramCodeEnd of intake
1Bachelor of Science in StatisticsBSS2050-01-01
2Bachelor of Engineering (Pre-Engineering EE)BEng EE2050-01-01
3Bachelor of Engineering (Pre-Engineering CE)BEng Civ2050-01-01
4Bachelor of Engineering (Pre Engineering ME)BEng Mech2050-01-01
5Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and StatisticsBScMS2050-01-01
6Bachelor of Science in Bio-ChemistryBScBC2040-12-31
7Bachelor of Science (Pre Medicine)MBChB2050-01-01
8Bachelor of Science in Physics (Medical Physics)BscPHY2050-01-01
9Bachelor of Science in Laboratory TechnologyBScLT2050-01-01
10Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences (Microbiology)BScBio2050-01-01
11Bachelor of Science in Actuarial ScienceBScAS2040-12-31
12Master of Science in Particle and Nuclear PhysicsMScPNPhy2040-12-31
13Master of Science in Applied MathematicsMScAM2050-01-01
14Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences (Natural Sciences)BScBS NS2050-12-12
15Bachelor of Pharmacy (Natural Sciences)BPNS2050-12-12
16Bachelor of Science in Physics(Nuclear Physics)BSc NPHY2050-01-01
17Bachelor of Science in Physics(Astronomy and Astrophysics)BScAstroPHY2050-01-01
18Bachelor of Science in Physics(Material Science)BScPHYMS2050-01-01
19Bachelor of Science in Medical PhysicsBScMP2050-01-01

School of Education (SOE)

#ProgramCodeEnd of intake
1Bachelor of Commerce with EducationBBS ED2050-01-01
2Bachelor of Agricultural EducationBAE2050-01-01
3Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with EducationBAG ED2050-01-01
4Bachelor of Arts with EducationBA ED2050-01-01
5Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with EducationBScM ED2050-01-01
6Bachelor of Information Communications Technology with EducationBICT ED2050-01-01
7Bachelor of Business Administration and Entrepreneurship with EducationBBAE ED2050-01-01
8Postgraduate Diploma in EducationPG Dip Ed2050-01-01
9Bachelor of Mathematics and Information Communication Technology with EducationBMICT ED2050-01-01
10Master of Arts in Educational Administration and LeadershipMEdMgt2050-01-01
11Master of Education in Curriculum StudiesMEdCs2050-01-01
12Master of Education in Educational Measurement, Assessment and EvaluationMEdME2050-01-01
13Master of Education in Gender and EducationMEdGE2050-01-01
14Master of Arts in Linguistic ScienceMALinSc2050-01-01
15Master of Arts in Religious StudiesMARS2050-01-01
16Master of Art in English LiteratureMAEL2050-01-01
17Master of Education in Sociology of EducationMEdSoc2050-01-01
18Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with EducationBScBEd2050-01-01
19Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with EducationBScCEd2050-01-01
20Bachelor of Science in Physics with EducationBScPEd2050-01-01
21Master of Art in Religious StudiesMARS2050-01-01
22Master of Education in Education PolicyMEdPo2050-01-01
23Master of Art in Civic Education and Transformative LeadershipMACETL2050-01-01
24Master of Art in HistoryMAHis2050-01-01
25Bachelor of Primary EducationBPED2050-01-01
26Master of Science in Agriculture with EducationMScAg ED2050-01-01
27Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Education FasttrackBAG EDFT2040-12-31
28PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy StudiesPhD EL2050-10-18
29Bachelor of Education in Primary EducationBEPE2040-12-31
30Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching MethodologyPgDTM2050-01-07
31Bachelor of Arts with Education – Social Studies- Fast TrackBAED SS2024-06-13
32Bachelor of Arts with Education (English and History)BAEEH2050-12-12
33Bachelor of Arts with Education ( English and Civic Education)BAECVE2050-12-12
34Bachelor of Arts with Education (History and Religious Studies)BAEHRS2050-12-12
35Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with EducationBScME2050-12-12
36Bachelor of ICT with EducationBICT ED2050-12-12
37Bachelor of Mathematics and ICT with EducationBMICT ED2050-02-11
38Bachelor of Arts with Education (Religious Studies and Civic Education)BAE RSCV2050-12-12
39Bachelor of Arts with Education(History with Civic Education)BAE HCE2050-02-20
40Bachelor of Arts with Education (History and Geography)BAE HG2050-12-12
41Bachelor of Arts with Education (Geography and Civic Education)BAE GCE2050-12-12
42Bachelor of Arts with Education ( History and Physical Education and Sport)BAE HPES2050-12-12
43Bachelor of Science in Education ( Geography and Physical Education and Sport)BScE GPES2050-02-01
44Bachelor of Arts with Education ( Physical Education and Sport) and Civic EducationBAE PES CV2050-12-12
45Bachelor of Arts with Education (English and ICT)BAE EICT2050-12-12
46Bachelor of Arts with Education ( Geography and English)BAE GE2050-12-12
47Bachelor of Arts with Education (French and Zambian Languages)BAE FZL2050-05-20
48Bachelor of Arts with Education (English and Zambian Languages)BAE EZL2050-02-20
49Bachelor of Arts with Education (Civic Education and French)BAE CFR2050-02-20
50Bachelor of Arts with Education (English and French)BAE EFR2050-02-20
51Bachelor of Arts with Education (English and Chinese)BAE ENC2050-02-20
52Bachelor of Arts with Education (Religious Studies and Mathematics)BAE RSM2050-02-20
53Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching MethodologyPCTM2050-12-31

School of Medicine and Health Sciences (SoMHS)

#ProgramCodeEnd of intake
1Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and GynaecologyMMedOBG2050-01-01
2Master of Medicine in Paediatrics and Child HealthMMedPED2050-01-01
3Master of Medicine in Internal MedicineMMedMED2050-01-01
4Master of Medicine in General SurgeryMMedGSU2050-01-01
5Bachelor of Science in Nursing SciencesBScNS2050-02-20
6Bachelor of PharmacyBPharm2030-03-18
7Diploma in Abridged Registered Nursing Training ProgrammeARNTP2040-12-31
8Master of Science in Human AnatomyMScHA2040-12-31
9Master of Science in Medical BiochemistryMScMBC2040-12-31
10Master of Science in Immuno-PathologyMSCIP2040-12-31
11Bachelor of Science in Biomedical SciencesBScBioMed2050-09-25
12PhD in Human AnatomyPhDHA2023-06-30
13Masters in Public HealthMPH2050-12-30
14Bachelor of Science in Pediatrics and Child Health NursingBScPCHN2050-12-30
15Bachelor of Science in MidwiferyBScM2050-12-30

School of Social Sciences (SSS)

#ProgramCodeEnd of intake
1Bachelor of International Relations and DevelopmentBIRD2050-01-01
2Bachelor of Local Government AdministrationBLGA2050-01-01
3Bachelor of Public AdministrationBPA2050-01-01
4Bachelor of Social WorkBSW2050-01-01
5Diploma in International RelationsDIR2050-01-01
6Diploma in Public AdministrationDPA2050-01-01
7Bachelor of Arts in EconomicsBAEC2050-01-01
8Bachelor of Development StudiesBDS2050-01-01
9Diploma in Child and Youth DevelopmentDCYD2050-01-01
10Master of Arts in Transformative Community DevelopmentMTCD2050-01-01
11Bachelor of Science in DemographyBSc DM2050-01-01
12Master of Local Government AdministrationMLGA2050-01-01
13Master of Public AdministrationMPA2050-01-01
14Master of International Relations and DevelopmentMIRD2050-01-01
15Master of Social WorkMSW2050-01-01
16Bachelor of PsychologyBPSY2050-01-01
17Bachelor of Science in Economics and StatisticsBScEcSt2050-01-01
18Master of Arts in EconomicsMAEC2050-01-01
19Bachelor of Arts in Development Planning and ManagementBDPM2050-01-01
20Bachelor of Arts in Local Government FinanceBLGF2050-01-01
21Bachelor of Arts in Economics and FinanceBAECFN2050-01-01
22Diploma in Social Work (MCDSS/MU)Dip. SW2050-01-04
23Bachelor of Arts in Community and Rural DevelopmentBACRD2050-06-17
24Master of Arts in Development StudiesMDS2050-12-30
25Bachelor of Arts in SociologyBAS2050-10-29
26Bachelor of International Relations and Development (Chinese)BIRD – C2035-10-02
27Bachelor of International Relations and Development (French)BIRD-F2050-01-01
28Master of Arts in Social Change and Sustainable DevelopmentMSCSD2050-08-01
29Bachelor of Community and Rural DevelopmentBCRD2050-12-30
30Master of Arts in Economics and FinanceMAEF2050-12-30
31Bachelor of Arts in Demography and EconomicsBADE2050-12-30