Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University Semester 1 June Examinations Timetable

By | May 24, 2023



ADS113 Governance and Development
0900-1200MONDAY 12/06/2023ASW225 Social Work and Counselling
CAC112 Financial Accounting 1A
CAC213 Company Law
CBM403 Managing Non-Profit Making Organizations
CHR402 Employee Resourcing
CMA405 Change Management
DPME106 Indicator Development in Monitoring and Evaluation
EPD115 Technology of Education0
LLB010 Insurance Law
MSDS112 Advanced Social Research Methods
MTRS553 Religion and Contemporary Ethical Issues
MIS102 Applied Statistics
CMA401 Business-to-Business Marketing
1400-1700MONDAY 12/06/2023ADS403 Issues and Trends in Demographic Studies
ASW424 Social Work and Counselling
ATR407 Selected Methods in African Traditional Religions
BECD124 Professional Studies in ECD
BSSW112 Social Work and Social Ethics
CAC405 Specific Financial Reporting
CBM121 Quantitative Analysis for Business
CBM203 Organisational Behaviour
CMA111 Principles of Marketing
HADM102 Project Planning for Complex Emergencies
LLB113 History of Roman-Dutch Law
UWC140 Professional Communication Skills
BIS223 Embedded Systems Design
CMA408 Strategic Marketing
0900-1200TUESDAY 13/06/2023ADS123 Development Planning
ASW124 Psychiatry and Social Pathology
ASW224 I introduction to Social Economic Development
ATR411 Selected Methods in Old Testament
CAC212 Audit Skills
CAC404 Advanced Theory and Practice of Auditing
CBM223 Business Finance
CEN221 Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
EPD114 Teaching Methods Subject 1
LLB214 Public International Law
MIS101 Introduction to Information Systems
1400-1700TUESDAY 13/06/2023ADS407 Peace Conflict and Development
ASW214 Social Research Methods
ASW425 Integrated Social Work Methods
BECD123 Planning, Teaching and Assessment in ECD
CAC223 Management and Cost Accounting
CEN223 Enterprise Risk Management
CHR404 Comparative Industrial Relations
CMA402 Marketing of Services
DUWC100 Introduction to Computers
EPD116 Introduction to School Administration
LLB313 Jurisprudence
UWC100 Introduction to Computers
CDT407 Information Systems Security
CDT410 Mobile Computing
0900-1200WEDNESDAY 14/06/2023CAC222 Audit Process
CAC110 Commercial Law
CMA209 Public Relations and Customer Care
LLB315 Mining and Energy Law
ASW426 Foundations of Meteorology
ADS214 Disaster Management
MSDS114 Conflict Management
ATR408 Religion Gender and Development
BECD125 Policy Issues in ECD
EPD113 Philosophy of Education
EPE123 Professional Ethics in Education
CMA407 Brand Management
CPS223 Passenger and Cargo Management
CEN224 Family and Small Business Management
MIS105 Principles of Programming Languages
1400-1700WEDNESDAY 14/06/2023CAC407 Group Financial Reporting
CHR221 Organisational Behaviour
LLB215 Gender and Law
ASW213 Social Work with Communities
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
HADM103 Research Methods in Development Practice
ADS118 Rural Development
MSDS115 Climate Change and Environment Management
ADS220 Public Policy
MTRS554 Religion and Gender in Selected Traditions
BECD122 Health and Life Skills
CMA223 Public Relations and Customer Care
CPS111 Principles of Procurement
CDT411 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
0900-1200THURSDAY 15/06/2023CHR122 Industrial Relations
CHR405 Occupational Health and Safety
PSY107 Social Psychology
SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
DPME102 Project Planning and Design
ADS223  Research Methods
EPD112 Psychology of Education
EPD122 Curriculum Issues in Education
CEC121 Principles of Macroeconomics
CMA222 Sales Management
CPS401 International Purchasing
MIS109 Computer Architecture and Organisation
THURSDAY 15/06/2023CAC410 Public Sector Accounting 2
1400-1700CHR121 Principles of Human Resources
LLB314 Succession and Administration of Estates Law
LLB502 Conveyancing
ASW123Deviation and Social Rehabilitation
DSSW112 Social Work and Social Ethics
DPME103 Monitoring and Evaluation Planning
MSDS111 Development Planning and Management
ATR409 Religion Politics and Conflict Management in Africa
BECD121 Culture and Heritage Studies
ADS216 Project Planning and Management
CDT 413 Warehousing and Data Mining
0900-1200FRIDAY 16/06/2023CAC211 Financial Accounting 2A
CHR223 Labour Law
LLB213 Administrative and Local Governance Law
BSSW111 Introduction to Social Work
MRM115 International Humanitarian Law
ADS402 Economics of Development
ATR131 Ethics
EPD111 Sociology education
EPD121 Teaching Methods Subject 2
CEC111 Principles of Economics
CPS402 Strategic Purchasing
MIS108 Data Structures and Algorithms
BIS225 Mobile Application Development
FRIDAY 16/06/2023CAC109 Financial Accounting for Business
1400-1700CAC406 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
CHR408 Sociology of Work
LLB111 Legal Research, Writing and Information Communication Technology
LLB015 Media and Communications Law
ASW413 Social Policy and Development
DSSW111 Introduction to Social Work
DPME105 Data Collection Methods for Monitoring and Evaluation
ADS119 Civil Society and Private Sector in Development
EPR124 Research Methods and Statistics
CBM405 Production and Operations Management
MIS110 Operating Systems
MIS22 Data Warehousing and Data Mining

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