MANEB Dates for 2024 Examinations

By | November 13, 2023

Dates for 2024 examinations

22nd to 24th May- Primary School Leaving Certificate Examination

4th to 13th June- Junior Certificate Examination

2nd to 26th July – Malawi School Certificate Examination

You can download the timetables from

Registration for the 2024 PSLCE, JCE and MSCE exams ends on 22nd December. Payment platforms close on 31st December, 2023

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Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education
(PSLCE) The examination is written by learners who are completing their final grade at primary school.
This examination is also used by the Ministry of Education to select learners from all public secondary
Junior Certificate of Education.
The Junior Certificate of Education (JCE) Examination is the first secondary school examination. It is written by learners after completing junior secondary level which covers two academic years. Learners
who pass the JCE Examination qualify for senior secondary level.
Malawi School Certificate of Education.
The Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) The examination is the final examination for the secondary school level in Malawi. Learners who pass this examination qualify for selection into public and private colleges and universities or get absorbed into the job market.

Primary Teacher Certificate of Education
Primary Teacher Certificate of Education (PTCE) The examination is administered to student teachers
completing their studies at all Teacher Training Colleges in Malawi. Qualifying student teachers are
certified to teach at any primary school in Malawi.
Malawi Craft
Malawi Craft Examination (MCE) is administered to learners in technical colleges after undergoing two
years of vocational training.
Malawi Advanced Craft Examination (MACE) is administered after undergoing four years of vocational training.