Call to develop College of Medicine new strategic plan

By | September 8, 2016

Call to develop College of Medicine new strategic plan

Terms of reference for developing of a 2016-2026 college of medicine strategic plan

The College of Medicine, one of the constituent colleges of the University of Malawi, was established in 1991 with the mandate of training health professionals at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The college is involved in teaching, research, consultancy and community outreach. It is made up of three faculties, three research centres and twelve departments. The faculties are: Medicine, Biomedical Science and Health Profession and School of Public Health and Family Medicine. The college also has 3 research affiliates: Malawi-Liverpool- Wellcome Trust, Malaria Alert Centre and Johns Hopkins Project
The College offers 11 undergraduate and 10 postgraduate degree programmes in the following disciplines: medicine, pharmacy, physiotherapy, family medicine, public health, health management, medical laboratory science.
The College of Medicine being a public institution relies on government funding for its operations. It has a very good research portfolio that is mostly externally funded and contributes to the college revenue. Although the majority of students are locals on government-funded non-economic fees, there is a significant number of local private and international students paying full economic fees.
The College’s strategic plan ended in December 2015 and the College is in the process of developing a new strategic plan. The College is therefore seeking to engage individual(s) or institution to carry out a review of the previous strategic plan and develop a new strategic plan that has a global view whilst being locally relevant.

  1. Objective

The overall objective of the consultancy is to facilitate the development of a new 10 year strategic plan ensuring that the College is able to deliver its mandate.

  1. Scope of work:
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Using a consultative and inclusive process the work includes:

  1. Reviewing the progress against the 2010 -2015 strategic goals and objectives
  2. Undertaking stakeholder review meetings and workshops to determine the College of Medicine mandate and relevance to the country and beyond;
  • Undertaking a situation analysis (including a SWOT and PESTEL analysis) and market survey of its programmes;
  1. Reviewing the vision and mission of the college and their relevance to the outcomes of the situation analysis;
  2. Developing strategic themes for guiding programme development;
  3. Developing strategic objectives and key result areas using appropriate tools;
  • Reviewing institutional capacity, financial and administrative systems, and organizational setup and make recommendations accordingly; to support the revised strategic objectives
  • Establishing a change management plan to implement the new strategic plan
  1. Deliverables

An interim report that includes:

  1. Progress report on attainment of previous strategic goals and objectives
  2. Comprehensive situation analysis with opportunities for growth and potential threats
  3. The advice of major stakeholders
  4. Draft strategic themes for the next ten years
  1. A ten year strategic plan with:
    1. Vision and mission
    2. Strategic themes
    3. Strategic goals and objectives
    4. Major implementation steps
    5. Resource allocations.


  1. Time of delivery of assignment

The time provided for the delivery of the assignment is 30 man-days

  1. Institutional Arrangements

The consultant shall work with relevant offices and Committee of the College in carrying out its work.

  1. Qualification and Expertise
  2. At least a Master degree in relevant field in areas of Management strategic planning, Business Administration, Public policy, Development studies, Public Administration
  3. Demonstrable experience and testimonies of doing similar work


  1. Competencies , Skills and Experience
  2. Must demonstrate that they have done similar consultancies before for higher education institution;
  3. Must have knowledge in management of higher education institution;
  • Must have facilitated stakeholder consultations and workshops;
  1. Must be able to work very effectively with the steering committee;
  2. Must have facilities that would help in quick and efficient production of the required reports;
  3. Must have good track record, demonstrate innovative thinking and strong problem solving skills;
  • Must have good written and oral communication skills in English;
  • Must have demonstrable resources to execute the assignment within the stipulated timeframe.
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  1. Application process

Interested consultants must submit their application by providing the following:

  1. Technical proposal providing details of methodology and workplan
  2. Financial proposal
  • Timelines of executing the assignment
  1. 3 traceable referees who shall be contacted by College of Medicine

Applications must be sent through email to the following address: or by post to:
The Registrar,
College of Medicine
P.B. 360,
To reach us not later than 26th August 2016